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Expressions of sorrow with dignity and simplicity

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  Mission Statement

The Mission of CondolencesOnline is to provide a single, secure and comprehensive web site were individuals, families, as  well as public and private organizations can offer expressions of condolences to bereaved families, friends and acquaintances of a deceased person or pet. On an emotional level dealing with death is often difficult and complex, but recognizing and honoring the deceased should not be.

CondolencesOnline stands ready to serve the need to honor in a simple, dignified and efficient manner. When the need arises we provide options and guidance to honor and give in many meaningful ways.

At this site you can select such offerings as food, flowers, choose from an array of unique sympathy and condolence gifts, donate to charities and foundations, arrange for a memorial mass, send a sympathy card, send a hymn, send a telegram, establish an electronic memorial, plant a tree, name a star, arrange for a condolence surrogate to represent you at a funeral or memorial service, as well as custom service requests.

CondolencesOnline provides many important and helpful links to related information as a value added for our clients.


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